sinkingWhen you want a beautiful pavement the initial cost is not all you have to think about. You will have to invest in maintenance so that the installation continues to pay off in the long term. Occasionally there will be a need for repairs, and quick action will help to keep your overall costs down. One common problem with pavement is that some areas may start to sink or buckle. Two reasons for sinking and buckling are extreme weather conditions and poor maintenance.

The Installation

A good pavement is more than what you see on the surface. Below the paved surface is a subgrade which bears the brunt of the weight of vehicles on a daily basis. Before that subgrade can be laid however, the original surface will have to be checked to ensure that it will hold up to the weight and constant movement. Some of it will have to be removed before the subgrade can be applied.

What Causes Asphalt Buckling?

The weather is primarily responsible for what happens to a paved surface. The glue holding the aggregate together is strong, but over time, heat can cause it to dry out. This will weaken some sections of the pavement. The dryness also allows water to seep below the asphalt surface as cracks develop. Once water starts to get under the top layer there are big problems ahead for your pavement. The layer below the subgrade will begin to soften so the material will sink and the same will happen to the top layer, creating an uneven surface. A similar situation occurs when winter comes and the water freezes and expands. This also weakens the asphalt.

Carrying Out Asphalt Repairs

Repairs can take different forms depending on the extent of the damage. After we assess the problem, we can decide on the best course of action that will allow you access to your paved surface as quickly as possible. We can get to cracks as soon as they appear and keep your pavement from sinking. Some sections may have to be removed to facilitate the repairs. Sometimes it is only necessary to remove the top layer, but we may have to dig deeper if there is a problem with the subgrade.

Asphalt Maintenance

Of course regular maintenance can keep your paved areas strong for years. Services like sealcoating and crack routing can help to prevent water seepage so that the top layer will keep holding up. You can do your part by keeping an eye on your asphalted surfaces and calling us when you notice a problem.

Pavement Repair in the Chicago Area

Rapco Asphalt Maintenance is the premier asphalt maintenance company in the Chicago area. We work with both residential and commercial clients on a regular basis. No asphalt project is too big or too small, and we enjoy the challenges our clients propose. Call us any time for a free consultation and estimate for all of your asphalt repair or maintenance needs.