While it may seem like the easy way to go by dealing with asphalt damage as it comes, the fact is that there are preventative measures which can be taken to keep your asphalt in top shape for a much more extended period of time. You do not have to treat your driveway like a fly-by-night purchase. If your asphalt driveway is riddled with chips, cracks, or potholes, you can have them repaired and then take specific preventative steps which will make the surface you have invested in last and serve you longer than you ever thought possible. Here we will discuss preventative maintenance for your residential asphalt driveway which will prevent chipping, cracking, and potholes, saving you grief and money for a much more extended period of time than you are currently experiencing – read on.

Preventative Maintenance for Residential Asphalt Driveways

Perhaps you have had your asphalt driveway installed, and now, just a year later, you see an enormous amount of cracking and chipping, not to mention the potholes damaging your vehicle and putting individuals at danger. Those seemed to show up overnight!

You can literally add life to your asphalt driveway by investing in simple preventative measures which will extend the life of your drive, as well as your wallet. You can save time and money every year! The following preventative measures can be implemented to extend the life of your asphalt:

Preventing Cracking and Other Damage

This type of prevention maintenance is something you plan for, and you schedule it on a regular basis. Regular inspections and upkeep are essential, as even minute cracking and chipping can be cause for worry if you are trying to save money on your residential asphalt driveway maintenance. By having this type of maintenance on a consistent basis you will be surprised at the money, time, and materials you save in the long run on your asphalt driveway.

Keep your residential asphalt surface clean and clear of even the smallest of obstructions

Pebbles and rocks can cause terrible chipping and cracking if the seasonal weather is right. Even the deepest of potholes begin with simple year-to-year neglect. Keeping excess water off of your asphalt is important as well, ensuring that the water does not seep into, and spread, existing damage. By sweeping and otherwise clearing your surface you are ridding it of any damaging obstruction which can result in long-term pain and grief for you; it is as simple as that.

Regular inspections and treatment are always necessary

You would not purchase an automobile and then ignore it, would you? Neither should you with any purchase, including your residential asphalt driveway. Give your surface a regular look-see, and if you notice even the smallest damage, tend to it. Regular professional inspections and upkeep are a must as well.

The use of surface sealants

Spray-on surface sealants are one of the best ways to keep things on the up and up with your asphalt surface. Surface sealant will prevent the chipping and cracking which produces such detrimental damage, including potholes, which cost an excessive amount of money to repair and maintain.

If you want to keep your asphalt surface in the best shape you can for the longest period of time, simply implement the practices above. Simple regular personal inspections, regular professional inspections, cleaning, and the purchase and use of sealant can eliminate the cost and worry you are so concerned about. Begin to practice the above steps to save money and maintain your residential asphalt driveway today.