From baking in the sunlight to freezing under a sheet of ice, your asphalt paving takes a year-round beating from the weather it endures. The damage really becomes obvious with the dawn of each new spring, and you may the prospect of repairs and costs are quite overwhelming. While asphalt is both tough and attractive, it simply cannot remain that way without regular maintenance and upkeep.

Here we will discuss the damage caused to asphalt paving by inclement weather, as well as the reasons you should always take advantage of regular pavement inspection and maintenance when you have asphalt paving of any kind; read on.

Asphalt Paving: The Weather and the Damage Done

Whether the hot, hot sun is beating down on your paving, or it endures cold and icy conditions on a regular basis, over time it will show in damage to your pavement. Water which freezes expands, splitting and cracking surfaces all the way to their core. Sunlight softens and weakens your pavement, so you can see that regardless of the weather you experience you are going to have to have some maintenance conducted at some point if you want to hold the integrity of your pavement together.

If you have noticed cracks, crumbling, or other forms of breakage, even along the edges of your asphalt, it is time for inspection and repair. There are also preventative measures which can be taken on your surface to prevent even worse damage and keep things as tight as possible for as long as possible. Sealcoats are just one way to keep things in top-notch condition asphalt-wise for the long term.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance and Prevention on Your Asphalt Pavement

Now neglecting these points can really spiral out of control, not only costing you money for pavement repairs, but also costing you for damage to vehicles caused by pavement issues. Potholes and crumbling can cause more tire and suspension problems than you can possibly imaging. Remember to engage in the following on a regular basis to keep things in tip-top shape regarding your asphalt pavement.

Regular Pavement Inspection

On a yearly basis have your asphalt paver conduct a pavement inspection. They are trained to see things the layman’s eyes cannot, and they know the potential even the tiniest damage has for growth. Inspections save you time, money, and damage on your property and vehicles.

Spray Seal

When you have your inspection, if there are any repairs or maintenance needed on your surface don’t put the need on the back burner. Have your asphalt damages taken care of as soon as possible. Regular maintenance is absolutely necessary for the life of your asphalt surfaces.

Asphalt pavement can be further protected with the use of a spray-on sealant or sealcoat. This does just what it sounds like: it coats the asphalt pavement and protects it from the elements, increasing its lifespan by leaps and bounds.


Be diligent with your asphalt pavement with proper upkeep and maintenance. Take advantage of the professional services you need today and avoid huge costs and hassles in the long-run. For the best in asphalt pavement maintenance contact us at Rapco Asphalt Maintenance today.