R.A. Peterson Company (RAPCO) has been providing Chicagoland with the highest quality asphalt maintenance for over 50 years.To ensure that your pavement is properly protected and preserved, we believe you should use an annual asphalt maintenance program.

Without Annual Asphalt Maintenance:

Constant exposure to the sun and water can damage your pavement, and if left untreated your pavement can become brittle allowing new cracks or potholes to appear. If your pavement is not treated or sealed correctly, you could be in need of a complete asphalt removal and replacement.

With Annual Asphalt Maintenance:

By utilizing RAPCO’s annual maintenance program, you can prevent cracked pavement, further damage from water and sun exposure which will help eliminate the spread of cracks and future costly repairs. Also, by using an annual maintenance program, your company will extend the life of your existing asphalt which will save you money, and enhance the overall appearance of your property.

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RAPCO’s Annual Maintenance Program

A RAPCO project engineer will inspect your site on a yearly basis. After properly inspecting your site, our engineer will provide you with recommendations and budget numbers for you to review. By utilizing an annual maintenance program, you will extend the life of your pavement, and you will experience long-term monetary savings.