recognizeMaintenance is one of the things you have to budget for whether you own a home, a business, or a vehicle of any kind; let’s face it, you can’t evade regular maintenance if you own anything! The costs can be significant depending on the type and size of your property, but it is a given that you will spend more money over time if you ignore regular maintenance tasks. It is simple logic that if you deal with small problems early, you can end up saving money. This is particularly true when caring for asphalt surfaces.

The only way to spend your money wisely when it comes to asphalt maintenance is to know when you should call us for help. Annual asphalt inspections can be integral to maintaining the life of your paved surfaces. Between checks, however, you may notice some problems that require attention. You should be able to spot the signs that tell you when it is time to give us a call.

Cracks in Asphalt

Cracks are almost inevitable with asphalt surfaces so you will always have to be on the lookout for them. Even the tiniest crack can eventually spell doom for paved structures. It will allow water to get into the pavement and weaken the surface. As the area comes under pressure from heavy vehicles, bits of the surface will start to loosen. If the problem is not addressed you could end up with potholes.

Sunken Areas in Asphalt

This is one of the most common issues that affect paved areas, and it is easy to notice. When water seeps in, it can undermine the area below the subgrade. After a while, the top layer will begin to buckle under the pressure. This requires more work than sealing a crack as the area must be dug up so that more material can be added to the subgrade. You should make a service call at the first sign of a dip in your asphalt. The quicker you deal with the problem, the cheaper it will be.

Asphalt Oxidization

This refers to the drying out of the asphalt until it takes on a graying look. This is the natural result of the combined factors of sunlight and exposure to oil and chemicals. The binder that holds the aggregate together becomes brittle, and this makes it easy for the asphalt to give way under pressure.

Call Rapco Asphalt Maintenance

As soon as you notice any of the above signs, it is time to give us a call. We deal with a wide variety of asphalt problems, and we can build your driveway or parking lot from scratch. If your paved area begins to look aged, we can restore it back the appearance of a newly paved surface.

If you’re in the greater Chicago area and in need of asphalt maintenance or asphalt repair, give us a call. We’ll schedule the next available appointment to help you determine whether your asphalt needs repairs, and help with routine maintenance needs.