maintenanceNo matter how much work goes into building a parking lot, it will need maintenance to help it last for as long as possible. Every structure requires regular maintenance in order to extend its life, and asphalt is no exception. Pavement that does not receive regular maintenance will crack and become similar to loose gravel. Rapco Asphalt Maintenance in Chicago will help with all of your residential or commercial asphalt maintenance needs.

Asphalt is strong enough to take a lot of punishment, but this doesn’t mean that it won’t eventually succumb to the elements and constant pressure from vehicles. If you like the way your parking lot or other paved surface looks, make sure to keep it looking amazing with regular maintenance. The lack of maintenance is an easy way to rack up unnecessary expenses for the upkeep of your parking lot.

The Results of Poor Asphalt Maintenance

The weather alone slowly damages asphalt over the course of a few years. Heat breaks down the glue holding the aggregate together. As it starts to loosen, the paved surface will deteriorate. Winter thaw also causes damage to asphalt over time; in fact, the freeze-thaw process is brutally damaging to asphalt surfaces. If your parking lot is used frequently, the weight of the vehicles can eventually take a toll on the surface as well.

Regular maintenance is required for all of those reasons, but small cracks are sometimes overlooked. If you fail to have a few small cracks filled, you could end up having to deal with large potholes within a few months. When it rains, water goes through these cracks, ending up beneath the top layer and creating instability within the subgrade. The weather and vehicles will do the rest, further weakening different sections of the structure.

How an Asphalt Maintenance Program Helps

Early Detection of Issues: No matter what type of problem you have with your asphalt we can deal with it. However, with an annual maintenance program, many of the problems can be avoided. We can inspect the asphalt to ensure that it is in good condition. We can quickly detect the areas that have become brittle and take steps to prevent any more damage.

Early Repair: Stopping cracks from spreading is the most cost effective way to keep your paved surface in good shape. Taking advantage of our annual maintenance program will keep the cracks in your asphalt from getting out of control. Sealing the cracks will prevent water from getting below the surface and refresh the dark, rich color of your asphalt. If you don’t deal with cracks as soon as they appear, your repair bill can be quite high.

Sealcoating: Proper maintenance will also keep your asphalt surfaces looking good. Paved surfaces develop a faded look over time, and we have the ability to restore them to their original dark, rich coloring. We will also be able to tell you whether your parking lot or driveway will benefit more from repair or complete replacement.

Reliable Asphalt Maintenance Company

Talk to us about our annual maintenance program so we can help make your property management tasks easier. Property management isn’t an easy job, hiring the right people to help with the appropriate issues will take a lot of responsibilities off of your shoulders so you can focus on your job more effectively. Call us any time to schedule a consultation if you’re in the Chicago area.