When you get a brand new pavement driveway installed, you can hardly be blamed for thinking that it will last forever. These structures appear very strong, and indeed they are, but they won’t last forever. It is true that the right mixture and installation is best in the long term, but these surfaces will eventually begin to break down. It starts so slowly at first that you might not notice the changes, but as the binding material loosens, you will know that some repairs are in order. Some basic information will help to protect your investment, and help you to know when to give us a call to arrest your asphalt problems.

Asphalt Basics

Unlike gravel roads or surfaces, asphalt is a stronger, more stable solution. Asphalt paving utilizes a mix that contains the binding material, so there is no loose aggregate on the surface. After it cools and hardens you will have the strong surface you need. Over time, constant exposure to air and water causes the binding material to oxidize. It will start to become brittle and this will affect the integrity of the surface. To start with, you might notice loose pebbles starting to show up.

These factors, combined with the pressure caused by vehicles will also cause cracks in the surface. The extent of these cracks will vary depending on factors such as weather conditions and the quality of the original installation. Ignoring these signs will lead to severe damage as the surface continues to weaken and the subgrade becomes affected.

Corrective Measures

No repairs should be carried out without a proper assessment of the pavement’s condition. Buying an asphalt repair mix and trying to do the job yourself can end up costing you more money in the long run. Repair options include:

  • Grinding and milling – this involves breaking up the surface and reusing the material for repairs
  • Sealcoating – applying a seal regularly will prevent water intrusion, a chief reason for asphalt breakdown
  • Crack routing – the cracks are dug out slightly to make it easier to clean them out and inject a sealer.

Other Paving Services

At Rapco Asphalt Maintenance, our services are not limited to creating flat surfaces. We provide drain tile installation which will improve the drainage in your home or business. If your sewer is damaged or needs to be rebuilt, we can handle that too. Give us a call at 847-299-1830 if you need to know more about asphalt installation or other types of repair services.