Asphalt is essentially comprised of three things: sand, gravel, and glue. We aren’t talking about something as simple as Elmer’s Glue or Epoxy by any means, but when broken down in to simplest terms that would be a good explanation. The glue in asphalt is a heavy byproduct of refined oil. Today we’re going to discuss how regular maintenance protects and extends the life of asphalt pavement.

Sand and gravel don’t deteriorate, but the asphalt glue reacts quite quickly to oxidation, solar radiation, and pollution. This makes asphalt a readily sustainable substance that may be recycled and reused over and over again. Maintenance techniques extend the life of your pavement by reducing the damages caused by oxidation, solar radiation, pollution, and the elements.

Seal Coating: A special sealant is used to provide protection against the elements, oxidation, and spills. Seal coating also gives asphalt that rich, dark color. Paint colors used on roads and parking lots work perfectly on freshly seal coated pavement because they’re very bright against a very dark background.

Regular Inspections: A regular walk-through will suffice as a regular inspection. Pay close attention to cracks or areas that look like they may be developing cracks that are often referred to as alligator skin cracks on the surface. Any irregular looking spots should result in a phone call to Rapco Asphalt Maintenance in Chicago so we can properly evaluate and repair if necessary.

Crack Sealing: Cracks allow water to penetrate the surface of your asphalt. We see some pretty serious freeze-thaw months here in the Chicago area, so water in the asphalt is the perfect recipe for disaster. Routing, filling, and sealing cracks is the best way to deal with cracked asphalt.

Patching: Trapped water expands and contracts, creating potholes that usually have to be removed and filled in for proper repair. The patching process helps maintain an even and level driving surface, but may not have the appearance you are looking for. The edges are never smooth, and there may be a slight color variance between the patch and the older pavement.

Maintenance and Planning

Regular maintenance is absolutely required when you want to protect the appearance and functionality of your asphalt. Call Rapco Asphalt Maintenance any time you notice any of the following issues with your Chicago area asphalt:

  • Color Fading
  • Discolored Spots
  • Rough Surface
  • Cracks (including transverse and longitudinal cracks)
  • Dips that Create Puddles
  • High or Low Spots

These six potentially serious issues must be addressed quickly by a company that knows asphalt. Rapco Asphalt Maintenance in the Chicago area has both the experience and the equipment to handle all of your asphalt maintenance needs as well as to make the repairs needed to keep your asphalt looking amazing for years to come.