As tough as asphalt surfaces look, they are not invincible. Water might seem harmless, but it can cause a lot of destruction to paved areas. For this simple reason, drainage is an essential aspect of the building of roads, parking lots and driveways. Water can wear away at these surfaces steadily over time, and at first it may be difficult to notice any changes. It is impossible to completely shield these types of surfaces from the elements, so value starts with proper construction. Regular and effective maintenance is also necessary.
When any type of paved surface is being designed, consideration will be placed on the areas where the water can run off without causing problems. Any water that settles will place additional stress on the asphalt when vehicles travel over it. Soon enough, you will notice sagging, cracking and stripping of the surface. Rain and snow are common sources of water that eventually undermines paved surfaces. Knowing the average rainfall and snowfall in inches will go a long way towards mapping out your drainage. Groundwater can sometimes seep upwards and affect the subgrade of pavements as well. If you know where these sources are, it can help in protecting asphalt from moisture.

The asphalt mix is an important component of its resistance to moisture. At Rapco Asphalt Maintenance, we are experts in paving, and know how to assess your particular needs. We understand the importance of quality aggregates in the construction of paved structures for safety and longevity. Proper maintenance ensures that it holds up well under various weather conditions. Keeping the surface strong over the course of its lifetime will depend on quick responses to any sign of damage. This is especially important if your paved areas are frequently exposed to water.

Cracks will eventually develop in your pavement, but this does not mean that it is ready for resurfacing. Crack routing is an effective way of repairing the damage and preventing water from reaching below the surface where it will do the most damage. Sealcoating is another weapon we use in the fight against moisture. Once we apply a sealer, it will bond with the surface, thereby preventing any further damage for a long while.

If you already have any type of paved area that you want to protect, give us a call at 847-299-1830. We can look at the area and determine the best course of action. We will utilize milling and grinding techniques to repair asphalt roadways and parking lots, and help clients save some money at the same time.