Asphalt maintenance in your parking garage is just as important as maintaining a flat exterior parking lot. Parking garages go through the same weather problems as other areas of the city even though they are mostly-covered. Water still settles on top of the asphalt and creates the potential for ice, seepage, and damage. Cracked asphalt and potholes create a dangerous situation for vehicles in such tight quarters and must be repaired as quickly as possible. Here are some tips for inspecting and maintaining your paved parking garage.

Asphalt Inspection: Inspecting the asphalt surface of the parking garage is as simple as a walk-through once a week. Any time you see a noticeable uneven surface, standing water, cracks, or the beginning of a pothole, call us for a consultation and repair.

Cleaning Asphalt: Keeping the asphalt clean is a great first step in keeping the parking garage safe and presentable for your employees and customers. Any spills such as oil must be cleaned up as quickly as possible to prevent slippery situations for pedestrians and drivers alike.

Maintaining Asphalt: Asphalt maintenance requires sealcoating the surface at least once every couple of years. We take the time to fill in cracks and repair potholes before the sealcoat is applied. This refinishes the surface of the asphalt and refreshes that deep black appearance. Parking and indication lines must be repainted after sealcoating is complete.

Early Detection of Problems: As with most everything else that requires maintenance, early detection of cracks in asphalt prevents bigger problems like potholes and loose asphalt. Loose asphalt in a parking garage creates the potential for vehicles to slide around tight corners or tires to throw rocks toward people or other vehicles. These issues must be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Safety for Employees and Clients: A well maintained parking garage provides a sense of safety for all who use it. You must ensure that the garage is well lit, clean, and free of damage at all times so that your employees and customers feel safe using it. A dark and dirty parking garage is a great setting for a horror movie or suspense thriller, but not for a reputable business with good intentions.

Annual Asphalt Maintenance Program

Rapco Asphalt Maintenance is located in Franklin Park, IL. We service the greater Chicago area and help many Chicago business owners and homeowners alike maintain their paved driveway, parking lot, or parking garage. Our annual maintenance program ensures that your asphalt receives the attention it deserves and always stands up to the expectations of your most distinguished clientele. Call us to discuss your asphalt needs at 847-299-1830.