Whether you own a home or you have a commercial property, you’re going to need to pay close attention to the parking situation. Even if you have a garage and a nice driveway that leads to your home or office there are going to be moments when you will need to consider asphalt repair to improve the property. It is easy to overlook things as many people don’t really consider this a big issue, until it’s too late. They see a small crack in their asphalt and think they have plenty of time to repair it; unfortunately this is not the case. Let’s talk about three good reasons to have an ongoing relationship with us here at Rapco Asphalt Maintenance.

Cracks Start Forming

Look for cracks in the pavement. This shouldn’t just be one or two hairlines; there should be a great deal of them. If you find that things are start to weaken, you’ll have a lot of cracks and possibly even loosening structure. You can call us to repair and seal these and give you some longevity, but do not ignore them. Ignoring cracks in the asphalt will cause larger pieces to break, crack, and come apart. The more you ignore this, the harder it is going to be to help you get things put back into place without completely taking up the existing ruined asphalt and laying it all new.

Alligator Cracking in the Asphalt

Another thing to look for is simple, breaks or alligator cracking in the asphalt. These are going to be significant, and whether you’re driving on it, walking, or just inspecting from time to time, you will be able to see this easily. If you do not have any breaks, you may see cracks forming, in which case you will still need help because small cracks quickly become alligator cracks. Don’t hesitate to call on us to fix the larger breaks in your asphalt because it will save you from having to deal with tire damage, and other issues related to your situation.


More than a break, potholes are large crevices that could very well burst your title and even knock your alignment out of place. Do not wait to get this fixed, especially if you own a commercial piece of real estate. It’s very important that you do not wait for this, because you could end up getting sued if you do not repair your lot and someone gets hurt, or deals with a car problem. Even if you win your case against a suit, you may have to incur reputation damage, and costs of defense. It’s best to just us to help you here, as it will save a great deal of headache.

These are just a few signs that you should keep in mind in regards to your business or personal driveway. You’ll be surprised with what can go wrong when you’re not paying attention. A good fix can be simple, it’s found within the confines of calling in Rapco Asphalt Maintenance in the greater Chicago area at 847-299-1830.