Your paved areas might seem to be in good shape, but even after a mild winter you could be surprised by the level of damage. No matter how much work you do to prepare the surface before the temperature drops, you should expect to carry out some repairs. Snow is not the only issue, as salt for ice removal and the movement of heavy snow plows. When the days start to warm up, you will need to fully assess your paved areas to determine what kind of repairs are necessary.

Is the Surface even?

Unevenness of a paved surface can lead to injuries and accidents. Thawing ice and snow can seep below damaged pavement to affect the subgrade. This will cause some sections to sink, making the entire area uneven. In some cases, the damage could be so bad that the entire parking lot has to be replaced.

Have Cracks Spread?

Cracks are common in paved surfaces and they should be sealed to prevent further damage. If you miss some small ones, this can create openings for moisture to get below the surface. When it freezes, the paving material will loosen as the ice expands. When the ice and snow start to thaw, it will lift off the paving material and create potholes. After winter, make sure that cracks have not gotten any bigger, and seal any cracks that you find.

Look for areas that need to be filled

Spotting and dealing with the sections that need asphalt filling can save a lot of money and extend the life of the parking lot or other paved area. Asphalt filling and sealcoating are maintenance measures that keep the paved area in good condition. Doing the regularly will prevent damage and keep you from dealing with complete rehabilitation of the paved area.

Deal with damage quickly

After winter, check the surface for potholes and divots. These are usually the result of minor damage you failed to notice before winter. Make not of these damaged sections when doing your checks and fix them to protect users.

Professional asphalt repairs are not costly if you catch them early. Ignoring problems can force you to replace the entire parking lot. An asphalt expert can assess the state of your parking lot, sidewalk or driveway. You can also get tips on winterizing these areas to help them get through the cold months without too much damage.