Parking lot maintenance costs much less than dealing with the damage caused be neglect. Traffic takes a toll on the parking lots of commercial and industrial centers. Like any other type of property, a parking lot needs some tending to keep it looking. Good. Here are a few things you should think about before paving your commercial parking lot.

Will you be able to maintain it?

You can expect a warehouse parking lot to deal with the constant movement of heavy traffic. This will happen in much less time than it takes for the average parking lot. The surface must be checked frequently for cracks. It is important to seal them right away to maintain the integrity of the surface. Major repairs can not only be costly, it can be disruptive to daily operations.

Creating a maintenance plan

Since maintenance can get in the way of normal activities, you should have a plan in place. Is there a ready supply of repair materials you will need? Will some employees be trained to carry out basic repairs, or will you use an asphalt repair company? When you design a maintenance plan, there will be a quicker response to damage. You can designate alternative routes to get around areas being repaired and keep operations flowing smoothly.

Setting a budget

Before you can pave the parking lot, you need to have an accurate idea of how much you will be spending. Prepare by first carrying out an assessment of the property. Paving cannot take place without knowing the state of the subgrade. This is the surface that the paving material will cover. Knowing whether you have to prepare this surface will help in setting up the budget.


When dealing with the movement of heavy vehicles in a limited space, safety is paramount. There should be clearly marked zones for loading and unloading, areas for parking, and marked areas for the movement of heavy vehicles. The posting of signs in addition painting lines on the paved surface will act as clear markers for employees and visitors. Lines will also guide the movement of traffic in the parking lot to avoid accidents.

Choose a reputable professional to handle the paving of your warehouse parking lot. This ensures that you will not be forced to deal with repairs quickly, and that everyone can use the area safely.