A properly marked parking lot gives customers direction; it shows them where to park and indicates the desired flow of traffic. Pavement marking is generally done with special paint which is specifically formulated to withstand traffic. The latest method of pavement marking is thermoplastic. Here’s why thermoplastic is better than paint for your asphalt parking lot.

Easier to Apply

Traditional paint requires time to dry. This is why you see many unintentional lines through parking lots and on roadways as people drive on the wet paint before it has a chance to set. The mess is something that you have to look at until it eventually wears away. Thermoplastic is carefully set into place and then heated with an infrared heater until it turns into a liquid. The liquid creates a chemical bond with the asphalt so it’s perfectly in place and ready for traffic immediately.


Thermoplastic is made of pigments, filler, and glass beads that are held together with a binding agent similar to the binding agent in asphalt. They’re nontoxic and won’t harm the environment even if they do happen to chip from time to time.

More Durable

The combination of glass beads, filler, and pigments makes thermoplastic extremely durable after it is heated and practically melted into place. It is immediately able to withstand traffic, so it has to be more durable than paint. It does not crack, chip, or shatter under impact.

Life Cycle

Thermoplastic lasts much longer than paint; 4-6 times longer! It’s the perfect choice for high traffic areas such as school crossings, fire lanes, no parking lanes, and even bike lanes. Consider how often you repaint reserved places such as handicap parking spaces. You could be applying thermoplastic decals every 12 years instead of painting every two years.

Give your customers the best in all aspects of your business – even the parking lot. An attractive parking lot invites perspective customers into your establishment more effectively than flashing neon signs. Many people judge the worthiness of a shopping area by the condition of the parking lot and surrounding areas. Don’t let your parking lot be the reason people look elsewhere for the items they intended to purchase from you.

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