Asphalt has been around for a very long time, but it has changed significantly over the years. Newer asphalt is easier to put down and it is safer for both people and the environment. The asphalt process is currently based around reclamation and recycling and we do not see that changing any time soon.

Here are the 3 asphalt processes everyone should know about:


When a parking lot or driveway is milled, the top layer of asphalt is removed and the sub-base remains in place. To do this, we would use a cold planer, which is a large machine, to tear up the asphalt and place it inside dump trucks. Once all the old asphalt is collected, it is taken to a plant to be mixed in with any new asphalt that is being made. This process saves time and money, plus it is good for the environment.


Pulverizing is similar to milling, because the old asphalt is torn apart, but that asphalt is then left on the ground. The reason that we leave the asphalt on the ground is because it will be reused to recreate a new solid asphalt surface.


The stabilization process occurs after the pulverizing stage and a mixture of tar and binding agents are placed on top of the pulverized asphalt. By creating a new asphalt surface this way, there is minimal use of new materials, yet the parking lot, driveway, or road is strong and smooth. This process ensures that the driveway, parking lot, or road can be used much quicker, which avoids any long-term inconveniences for many people.

We understand that it can be an inconvenience to have your driveway or parking lot resurfaced, but these steps will ensure that it lasts a long time. Plus, you will not need to worry that you are harming the environment in any way when you have your parking lot or driveway redone using these methods, because the old asphalt is not making its way to the dump. Instead, we are ensuring that it will be used for either your parking lot or driveway or someone else’s nearby.

Asphalt is the best choice for parking lots and driveways that need the extra support or staying power. Call us today at 847-299-1830, email us at, or use our contact page for more information about our asphalt paving and repairs or our asphalt maintenance services.