Whether you have a large parking lot or a small driveway, it pays to understand the primary enemies of asphalt. These can seriously affect the appearance and the structural integrity of your asphalt surfaces. Thankfully, a company that offers asphalt maintenance services can easily repair any damage that results from these hazards.

Rapco Asphalt Maintenance is a professional paving company based in Franklin Park, IL and serving the greater Chicago area. We perform all preliminary examinations to help ensure that your new asphalt is poured to exceed established industry standards.

Here are five issues that can cause serious damage to your asphalt:

  1. Faulty Original Construction: One good reason to hire a professional asphalt maintenance company is the quality you can expect. Poorly laid asphalt will quickly develop structural and other problems that will cost you a lot more to repair. A company with experience will know what grade asphalt to use and the type of subgrade that best suits an area’s traffic flow and weather conditions.
  2. Oil and Chemical Spills: Diesel oil, motor oil, gasoline, antifreeze and other types of chemicals can cause the asphalt to break down over time. In addition, motor oil and some chemicals can leave unsightly stains on the surface. The best solution is to get this cleaned up right away. If there are visible signs of damage call in the professionals right away to get the repairs done before the situation worsens.
  3. Tree Roots: The roots of nearby trees can easily extend under the surface of a paved area. Given time these tree roots will eventually break through the asphalt, causing major cracks and holes. There are many fixes for root problems including planting trees with roots that do not grow at surface level or installing root barriers so that the roots do not reach paved areas. A landscaper can provide some help with tree and root containment.
  4. Sunlight: If you step on asphalt on a very hot day, you may notice that it feels softer. In addition, exposure to sunlight turns asphalt gray, and causes it to age very quickly. To protect asphalt from the damaging rays of the sun, your asphalt paving company will need to apply protective sealant to the material on a regular basis.
  5. Water: Water is the most damaging element where asphalt is concerned. Asphalt that endures heavy water flow resulting from heavy rain or poor drainage will erode over time as the moving water removes the surface. Water that has chemicals in it is even more damaging as the chemicals can react with the molecules in the asphalt. Adding sealcoating solution and having proper drains and drips lines installed will help to control water exposure.

Traffic flow and heavy vehicles also negatively impact the quality and longevity of asphalt. At all times, it is necessary to have a professional company do the installation and repairs so that you can get the maximum value for your money when it comes to asphalt paving. Rapco Asphalt Maintenance provides a variety of asphalt services to both residential and commercial clients in the greater Chicago area. Call us to discuss your asphalt needs at 847-299-1830.