potholeOne of the most damaging elements to asphalt is water. If there are cracks in your pavement, water can seep in and eat away the foundation. Eventually, this will cause some parts of the asphalt to sink. This is what usually leads to the creation of potholes. Over time, water can also erode the edges of pavement and driveways. Thankfully, there are ways to protect your asphalt work from the damaging effects of water.

Before even laying foundation for asphalt, we examine the land to determine factors such as:

  • Possible sources of water and the drainage system on the property
  • The amount of rainfall and even the number of storms an area normally gets
  • Whether a slope on the property normally causes water to settle in a particular spot
  • How we can redirect potential water issues before they become a problem


This is the most commonly used method of protecting asphalt from the elements. When properly applied, this liquid solution also protects asphalt surfaces from ultra violet rays, snow and even fluids from motor vehicles. It also helps to keep the asphalt looking good for a long time. Application of a quality sealcoat can breathe new life into a worn parking lot or driveway, rejuvenating that solid black appearance and protecting the asphalt.

Redirecting Water

Making sure that there is proper drainage to take water away from the driveway is important. If water just settles on asphalt instead of running off, it will eventually cause problems. It is therefore important that the driveway is sloped in such a way that water will not settle on the surface.

The Perfect Mix

The right mixture of components is one way that we can ensure that your asphalt will stand up to abuse from weather and water. Using too little or too much asphalt makes it easier for water to erode a paved surface. Likewise, the consistency of the mix helps protect asphalt as the thicker the mix, the better the asphalt is at resisting the damaging effects of water.


Most importantly, it is necessary to repair any defects on existing asphalt before doing any type of patch work. If there are cracks or potholes and any other type of problem, these must be taken care of quickly. Water may still get under the surface and destroy the asphalt if repairs aren’t made in a timely manner.

Regular Maintenance

Finally, it is necessary to ensure that a maintenance schedule is in place and that it is followed. If proper maintenance is not done as required, none of the above methods will work as well as they should. Regular maintenance is an absolute must in order to keep your asphalt looking like new and to prevent damage over time.

The Rapco Asphalt Difference

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