The short answer is yes! But you probably aren’t here for the short answer, so we’re prepared to give you the long answer and describe just how damaging damaged asphalt can be to vehicles. You obviously feel a bump when you run over a pothole. You may even feel quite a jolt depending on the depth and width of the pothole. Some potholes are quite small, but others make you worry whether you’ve popped a tire!

Potholes Damage Tires

The tires are the first part to make contact with the pothole and the only part to make direct contact. The act of hitting the pothole head-on can cause the sidewalls to bulge, the tread to separate, and can even cause flat tires while driving at highway speeds. Potholes have very hard, jagged edges that compress against the tire on impact. This movement can slice through the rubber and break the belts in the tire. Pay close attention to your tires for several days after hitting a pothole.

Potholes Damage the Suspension

We all love a smooth riding vehicle, and that’s what your vehicle’s suspension provides. You may not even notice small potholes that much, but when you hit a big one, your suspension really takes a beating. Big potholes can cause misalignment, broken ball joints, and damaged shocks and struts. Pay attention to your vehicle after a hefty jolt and take it to the garage if you notice any unusual sounds or vibrations after the pothole.

Potholes Can Damage the Exhaust

This one is relatively rare depending on how low your vehicle sits and the depth of the pothole. A deep pothole that causes your vehicle to bottom out can damage the exhaust system or even the oil pan. Listen to your vehicle after hitting a deep pothole and have it looked at if you notice very loud noises or loss of power.

Potholes Can Damage the Vehicle’s Body

Sports cars and lowered vehicles may experience serious body damage after hitting a deep pothole. You may notice dents on the bumpers or paint damage caused by the jagged edges of potholes. These are probably the second-most noticeable type of damage a pothole can cause – second to damaged tires!

Pavement Maintenance to Prevent Potholes in Chicago

Pavement maintenance is one of our biggest sellers here at Rapco Asphalt Maintenance. If you own a stretch of pavement that is subject to potholes throughout the year, give us a call. We’ll help by repairing cracks before they break into alligator style cracks and eventually become potholes. Call us at 847-299-1830 to schedule an appointment for a consultation or a free parking lot evaluation.