Spring has sprung, and we’re finally finished with yet another Chicago area winter. While this winter was relatively mild, we did see some pretty cold snaps that included snowfall, so our roadways and parking lots took the usual freeze thaw damage. Here are several things we will look for during your asphalt inspection.

  • Water Penetration – Asphalt is very hard and durable, but that doesn’t mean it is entirely indestructible. Unprotected asphalt can take on water, which is the biggest enemy your asphalt has to face.
  • Uneven Asphalt – Uneven spots could simply mean that heavy traffic has set in a specific area and mashed the material or it could mean that there’s underlying damage that needs to be addressed quickly.
  • Asphalt Cracking – All asphalt cracks over time. The amount and severity of cracking will determine the type of repairs and preventative maintenance needed. Small cracks may be routed out so they’re smooth and filler applied. Large cracks aren’t quite as easy to repair, and alligator cracking means there could be structural damage that needs to be removed and repaired.
  • Pothole Formation – Potholes aren’t entirely avoidable, but we can deter them for a good amount of time with proper repair and maintenance before the pothole forms. A pothole forms from a simple crack; the crack fills with water and then the freeze thaw process takes over with help from heavy vehicles. Water expands when it freezes, so the crack is forced open and the weight of vehicles wears heavily on the material. This process repeats until you see large areas of alligator cracking that eventually chip away to become a pothole.
  • Sealcoating Requirement – Sealcoating protects asphalt from the sun’s harmful UV rays and prevents water from penetrating the surface. The surface of our sealcoat dries smooth and dark, and allows water to evaporate, but does not allow it to penetrate. This prevents the freeze thaw process from causing cracks and other damage.

We will discuss our findings with you in detail and recommend a course of action. We will, of course, recommend our maintenance program to make sure you are aware of how simple it can be to maintain your asphalt year-round.

Take a look at some of our local Chicago area projects to get a good idea of the type of work we do here at Rapco Asphalt Maintenance. Give us a call at 847-299-1830 to discuss scheduling an appointment for a consultation regarding your upcoming asphalt project or to schedule a free parking lot evaluation. Consider signing up for our maintenance program if you would rather focus on your business than your asphalt.