Your asphalt does a lot of work throughout the year and it doesn’t always get the appreciation that it deserves for a job well done. After all, you park your car on it, walk on it, spill things on it, and practically ignore it unless it begins to fall apart.

We recommend that you start paying attention to your asphalt this fall and take some preventative measures to ensure that it will continue working just as hard this coming winter. We know that you will be using it all winter long and we know that you don’t want it to completely fall apart because you simply did not take a few basic precautions.

Here are 4 asphalt maintenance and repair steps that should be on your fall checklist:

Surface Inspection

If you haven’t inspected the surface of your asphalt recently, we recommend that you get out there and do it now. You will be looking for cracks and larger holes that are beginning to form. These are all signs that your asphalt is showing some wear and tear and needs some TLC.

Pooling Water Inspection

In addition to looking for cracks and holes, you will want to look for signs that water is pooling up on your asphalt. You never want to see water standing in one place for any length of time, because it can wear down your asphalt and cause it to deteriorate quicker.

Basic Upkeep

During the fall, you are going to see more dirt and debris on your asphalt. This is mainly from the leaves that are falling from the trees and we recommend that you remove it all promptly, so that your asphalt does not get damaged in any way.

Basic Repairs

If you have noticed any damage to your asphalt or there is damage that has been there for quite some time, you will want to have the necessary repairs completed now. The reason for this is that the damage can grow over the winter months and get much worse. If you ignore it now, these simple and basic repairs will cost much more in the spring. In fact, you may even find that you need to tear up your asphalt and have it replaced if the damage becomes too severe.

Regular Asphalt Maintenance and Repair in Chicago

Taking care of your asphalt now can save you time and money later on. Plus, it will ensure that you can use your asphalt surface for the same things that you do now, even during those cold snowy winter months that are quickly approaching.

We offer an annual asphalt maintenance program that will help you extend the life of your asphalt parking lot or driveway. Call us at 847-299-1830 to schedule an appointment for a free evaluation.