snow plowAsphalt maintenance must be continued year-round. All seasons introduce new damaging elements for your paved driveway or parking lot. During the cold months of winter you need to pay extra attention to potentially damaging conditions. You must ensure that the surface of your pavement remain safe for use by both vehicles and pedestrians. You also need to make sure that at the end of winter, you do not end up with an unpleasant surprise, like crocodiling that leads to potholes. Rapco Asphalt Maintenance will gladly work with you to design an inspection and maintenance schedule to ensure the longevity of your pavement.

Tips for Caring Asphalt Driveways in Winter

Taking some basic steps will help you ensure that your driveway lasts for years, regardless of how bad the winters are; and we all know Chicago winters can get bad! With our help, you can have a beautiful asphalt driveway in both winter and summer.

Repair Cracks

Look for cracks and contact us to repair and seal them to prevent potholes before the winter cold sets in. You may be surprised when we find cracks that you didn’t notice, because we know to look for the preliminary cues. Cracks can be a major damaging factor to asphalt as water gets inside and causes more damage over time. Trapped water will freeze in winter and expand. The surrounding asphalt will relax when the ice melts. The constant freezing and thawing will eventually cause cracks to become longer and wider, resulting in potholes.

Excess water under the asphalt damages the layer underneath that acts as a foundation, resulting in pot holes as the asphalt begins to crack and become unstable. We use crack fillers to repair cracks to keep water from getting in. First, we route out the damaged asphalt and clean the crack thoroughly so sealant will adhere properly.

Next, a water resistant sealant is applied to prevent water from seeping through and causing more damage. This type of preventative maintenance not only keeps your asphalt driveway looking good, it will also help with safety by reducing the risk of structural damage.

Protect from Snow Plows

Depending on the amount of snow we receive during winter, snow plow drivers will come calling. Inexperienced drivers can easily damage asphalt. Incorrect use of plows will result in top surfaces of the asphalt being scraped off during the shoveling process. An inexperienced driver can also damage the curbs of driveways. One good way to help protect driveways and pathways from snow plows is to place visible markers along the curbs. Even a shovel that is too sharp can cause damage so get expert help in selecting the right type of shovel for removing snow.

Use the Right Type of De-Icing Agent

Use de-icing agents that will not be too rough on your asphalt. For example rock salt can be damaging to porous material like asphalt and cement. Instead use a milder product such as potassium chloride.

These asphalt maintenance tips will help to make sure that your pavement or other asphalt surfaces are in working order year round. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns about your driveway or parking lot before winter weather sets in. You may reach us at 847-299-1830 any time during normal business hours.