blog_20140506_200pxAll Asphalt pavements, whether they be parking lots, highways and streets, or your home driveway asphalt, requires maintenance. Over time, newly paved asphalt becomes worn – affecting its condition and appearance. But what can you do to preserve your asphalt? In our latest blog we explain all about sealcoating; when you need it, how it works, and why it so beneficial.

1. How old is your asphalt?
Newly paved asphalt does not require sealcoat. But as time goes on and as it becomes exposed to the elements, chemicals and general wear and tear, it will need care and attention. In general, asphalt does not require sealcoat until it is six months to one year old; so once you pass the six month mark, take care to check your asphalt on a periodic basis. If in doubt, call in an expert; they will be able to provide a trustworthy assessment.

2. When did you last use sealcoat?
If you’ve already used sealcoat, then you are already on your way to properly maintaining your asphalt. But sealcoat does not last forever, and you will need to reapply approximately every two to three years. The more vigilant you are, the less likely you are to face substantial repair work further down the line – saving your valuable time and money.

3. Check for signs of deterioration
It’s little wonder that asphalt deteriorates over time. Not only is it exposed to the extremes of weather, but it’s subjected to continual use from cars and people, as well as harsh chemicals. The best thing you can do for the state of your asphalt is to keep a close eye for signs of deterioration. Take note of any changes in color from black to grey, and pay attention to any cracks, big or small, as these are also telltale signs.

What are the benefits of using sealcoat?
To understand its benefits, you need to understand how it actually works. Sealcoat forms a barrier between the outside world and your asphalt. As a result, it protects it from the damaging effects of water penetration, chemicals such as oil and gas, and general wear. The best method of applying sealcoat is with a squeegee machine, as this ensures all cracks and nooks are properly filled and bonded with the asphalt, and there is no overspray or wasted product.

Asphalt that has been maintained with sealcoat looks better than asphalt that has been left exposed to the elements. If your business or organization needs your parking lot or pavement to look smart and professional, then you need to be using sealcoat. Sealcoat also extends the lifespan of your asphalt, by around double. That means you’ll save time, energy and money as you avoid inconvenient and costly repair jobs when you need to fill large cracks and potholes.

To benefit from sealcoating, contact RAPCO Asphalt Maintenance today. We’ll explain all about our product and methods; all designed to benefit you and your asphalt.