That doesn’t quite have the same ring as some beloved holiday songs or storybooks, but it is the truth of the current season here in the real world. Spring and summer are the best times to repair the damages caused by winter and the freeze-thaw process. Repairs made during the summer months will prevent further damage from the cold weather during the winter months. Here are a few tips for regular asphalt maintenance so you can rest easy next winter.

  1. Regular Inspections – Inspections are an integral part of asphalt maintenance. You know what your parking lot looked like when it was newly paved. It was flat, smooth, and had that new asphalt color which made the lines stand out prominently. There were no cracks, no potholes, no standing water, and no weeds growing through it. These are issues you will be looking for during every inspection.
  2. Regular Cleaning – Cleaning your asphalt parking lot will go a long way in keeping it looking great. Daily grime from vehicles tends to build up and create multiple problems. Oil from cars and trucks break down the adhesives in asphalt and lead to even more damage if it isn’t taken care of in a timely manner. Hire a professional cleaning company to keep your asphalt parking lot clean.
  3. Repair Cracking Asphalt – Small cracks in your asphalt parking lot may not seem like a big deal. You can fix those with little issue. But when they’re ignored and allowed to collect water, the freeze-thaw process during winter creates very large cracks. Cracks become alligator cracking over time. This type of cracking is named such because it resembles the hide of an alligator. It eventually crumbles away and creates potholes if it isn’t immediately addressed.
  4. Sealcoat – Sealing is extremely important to the life of your asphalt parking lot. The specific sealcoat we use protects your asphalt from the sun’s damaging rays and from water damage as well. It allows water to evaporate through tiny pores, but it does not allow additional water to penetrate the asphalt.
  5. Repaint – Once your asphalt parking lot has been inspected, repaired, and sealed, it’s time to repaint the lines. Fresh paint looks pretty amazing on freshly sealed asphalt, so the last step is to simply stand back and appreciate the appearance.

Give us a call at 847-299-1830 if you would like to discuss issues with your parking lot or the details of our asphalt maintenance plans. Don’t allow your asphalt parking lot to go another season without proper maintenance. Each season that passes does more elemental damage to your parking lot; put an end to the cycle now and enjoy your parking lot for years to come.