No other type of parking lot material withstands the test of time as beautifully as well-maintained asphalt. Did you catch the key phrase there? Well-maintained; proper maintenance is extremely important to the life of your asphalt parking lot. So it is with that in mind that we’ve created this list of tips for the maintenance of your commercial parking lot. These tips work well for residential driveways as well, but we are going to focus primarily on a commercial setting.

  • Keep it Clean – Sweep up the dirt and debris or hire a parking lot cleaning company to keep it clean for you. Debris makes a parking lot look abandoned, and that’s the last thing you want your customers to think as they drive past.
  • Clean Oil Stains – Oil breaks down the components in asphalt, making it wear out more quickly.
  • Keep it Repaired – Repair all cracks as quickly as possible so they don’t continue to grow and become potholes.
  • Keep it Dry – Make sure that all storm drains are working properly so water is drained away in a timely manner.
  • Keep it Safe – Repair any tripping hazards to prevent accidental falls. Tree roots can lift asphalt and make it very uneven, resulting in a trip and fall hazard for your customers.
  • Keep it Properly Marked – Lines, arrows, and other markings are extremely important to both the appearance and the functionality of your parking lot. Make sure that all lines and important markings are visible in all types of weather and lighting.
  • Sealcoat it on Schedule – Scheduled sealcoating should take place roughly every 2 to 4 years. Sealing asphalt protects it from water penetration but allows moisture that has already been trapped to escape through tiny pores in the surface. Lines and other important markings will need to be reapplied after sealcoating is complete.
  • Schedule Annual Inspections – You should always perform monthly inspections to make sure you don’t see anything major going on, but also schedule an annual inspection once every year.
  • Maintenance Contract – Consider signing a maintenance contract with us. We help business owners maintain their asphalt parking lots on a regular basis. We’re familiar with the weather patterns here in the greater Chicago area, and we will help you prevent damage to your parking lot by providing excellent preventative maintenance.

The professional asphalt maintenance crews here at RAPCO Asphalt and Maintenance understand that you’re a busy business professional and rarely have time to sleep, let alone take care of your asphalt parking lot. We offer inspection and maintenance plans that will fit your budget and keep your parking lot clean and in good repair so your customers and prospective customers will feel more comfortable bringing their business to you. Give us a call at 847-299-1830 if you would like to discuss issues with your parking lot or the details of our asphalt maintenance plans.