Asphalt driveways and parking lot take a beating not just from the vehicles that use them but also from constantly changing weather conditions. These factors take a toll on any paved surface, despite the quality of the installation. Every property owner should make caring for paved areas part of their overall property maintenance. Here are some ways to make sure that your pavements and driveways will last longer regardless of weather conditions.

Examine Paved Areas

Give all your paved surfaces a walk over to spot signs of damage, or weak areas that can be further damaged by changes in temperature. After it rains, make sure there are no pools of water. This indicates that some sections are sinking, which can b serious. It is not just the asphalt surface that might be in danger, but the sub-grade might also be deteriorating.

Repair Damage

The first thing to do to protect your asphalt surfaces is to carry out any necessary repairs. Freeze/thaw cycles always put stress on the top layer, and sometimes on the sub-grade as well. Moisture that is absorbed in the asphalt before winter will freeze and loosen some of the material. Before the next winter season examine the area for signs of damage or weakness. Use sealcoating to protect the surface from changing temperatures. Repair potholes as these will only get bigger when the next cold season arrives. Fill any cracks you see as these are openings for more water to enter. Any damage to asphalt surfaces creates the possibility of more damage, so early repairs will save money.

Clear the Surface

During winter, you need to ensure that nothing will hamper your snow removal efforts. Large pieces of debris can get stuck to the surface and cause damage. Loose debris will prevent proper snow removal, so give the area a thorough sweeping before winter. It is a good idea to get these surfaces professionally cleaned as the technician will notice areas that are in need of repair.

Asphalt maintenance is an ongoing process, and failing to take this necessary step can lead to costly repairs. Taking regular steps to protect the surface and the sub grade will extend the life of paved areas and keep your maintenance costs low. Do your part by keeping these areas clean, and repair small potholes with cold-mix asphalt products. Contact an asphalt repair company and make arrangements for professional repairs when necessary.