on_top_200The decision to choose between concrete and asphalt for your new driveway can indeed be a difficult decision to make. Both can transform your property into a masterpiece with relative ease. Here at Rapco Asphalt Maintenance, we believe all homeowners and business owners benefit greatly from asphalt. We are going to talk about some of the advantages of choosing asphalt over concrete for your driveway as the topic of today’s blog.

Job Duration

An asphalt driveway can be completed more quickly than a concrete driveway. Depending on the size of your personal driveway, it can usually be done in one to two days. Concrete is not so fast, it usually takes about twice as long to get the job done and for the concrete to complete setting. You can expect to use your asphalt driveway in a few days after the job has been completed.

Asphalt is considerably at a lower cost than concrete. Buyers usually save thirty to forty percent when they choose asphalt instead of concrete. Who doesn’t like to save money, right?

Durability and Maintenance

Asphalt is quite a bit more durable than concrete. Concrete tends to flake up over time and cracks easier as well. If the job of laying your concrete was done fast and the contractor did not take their time, it can mean some serious problems for the future. Many homeowners use salt to melt ice and snow during winter months. If incorrect procedures are used when doing this, it can cause the concrete to become flaky, resulting in time and money repairing.

If asphalt does start to crack over time it does not cost a lot to fix it. You can find crack sealants for the asphalt in a local hardware store. It is easy to apply and does not take long to repair. We see a lot of snow here in Franklin Park and the Chicago area, so rest assured that your black asphalt driveway or parking lot will absorb more warmth from the sun than concrete. The added warmth will aid in melting snow and ice so fewer chemicals are needed.


Concrete often gives off a chalky appearance, making it look old, even if it is in fact new. Asphalt will remain true to color for many years. Any time your asphalt driveway or parking lot becomes dull, simply clean it and seal it, and it will look like new all over again. Everyone loves the shiny black appearance of asphalt.

Now you know all the many different advantages of choosing asphalt instead of concrete for your driveway. Go ahead and give us a call and we can help you with any questions you may have.