Chicago is a busy place, no one can deny that. Our roadways and parking lots are without a doubt some of the busiest in the United States. Maintaining such a large amount of asphalt is a never-ending process. Someone somewhere continually needs the services of a top quality asphalt company to repair cracks or potholes, or simply to apply sealcoat to keep serious problems at bay. Rapco Asphalt Maintenance proudly steps up to the plate and provides high quality asphalt repair in the Chicago area. Call us at 847-299-1830.

We’ve proudly worked with some of the largest companies and corporations within the Chicago area, including some high profile shopping areas like Costco and Ikea. Perfect asphalt maintenance requires time and dedication and a desire to create something amazing for your customers. Call us to ask about our maintenance contract and enjoy regular asphalt maintenance year-round. Here’s a good comparison of asphalt with and without regular maintenance:

Asphalt without maintenance is damaged just a little more every single day. Exposure to the sun and water damages new pavement from day one. Eventually the sealcoating wears down and doesn’t protect the underlying asphalt anymore. Unmaintained pavement continues to take damage from the elements day after day. Soon you begin to notice dips, cracks, uneven surfaces, or even potholes.

Asphalt with maintenance is still damaged a little more every single day, but maintenance efforts slow the damage dramatically. Sealcoat is reapplied as needed and cracks are repaired before they have the chance to become potholes. Properly maintained asphalt looks just as amazing five years down the road as it did on day one.

Asphalt maintenance takes time. We completely understand the frustration of traffic jams and holdups created by asphalt repair. Unfortunately that is simply part and parcel of the maintenance routine. Proper maintenance makes it so that the same areas do not have to be completely repaved on a regular basis.

In the event that an area does need to be repaved, the process is quite invasive and takes much more time than sealcoating and maintenance. The entire paved area is stripped up, crunched and combined with the binding agent that holds everything together, and reapplied to the roadways. Many people don’t realize that asphalt is a 100% recyclable product!

We know and understand that there are many areas within greater Chicago that require new asphalt or asphalt maintenance on a regular basis. If you’re interested in paving your driveway, a parking lot or any other surface, please don’t hesitate to call us. Rapco Asphalt Maintenance is located in Franklin Park, IL and we provide all types of asphalt services to property owners in the greater Chicago area. Call us at 847-299-1830 to schedule a free consultation.