We always try to take the time to remind you about asphalt maintenance. We understand that people get busy and sometimes you aren’t able to fit asphalt maintenance or repair into the budget. So today we’re going to tell you about four different types of asphalt repair or asphalt patching techniques that you need to understand.

  • Quick Fix Throw and Roll: This is a very quick fix that works well in adverse weather conditions or any time an emergency solution is required. Little-to-no cleaning or prep is done; asphalt is poured into the pothole and rolled over to create a smooth surface. Multiple layers may be used if weather is nasty because asphalt does begin to solidify as soon as it is exposed to air. Cold air makes it set more quickly. This is a temporary solution that will need a more permanent fix as weather permits.
  • Spray Injection: Similar to the throw-and-roll quick fix, spray injection works best on small potholes and cracks. Debris is blown out of the crack or pothole, and then asphalt is put into place using a high pressure hose. We do not roll spray injection patching because it is implemented using pressure.
  • Semi-Permanent Asphalt Patches: Semi-permanent asphalt patches are much longer-lasting than throw-and-roll or injection patches because we take the time to thoroughly prepare the area for asphalt. Once the hole is prepared, we pour the asphalt and compact it with a roller.
  • Asphalt Patching: This is the most in-depth repair method and the only one that is considered permanent. We don’t just clean the area to be filled; we excavate it to a depth of at least four inches and extend the area by at least one foot on each side. This helps us get rid of any damaged asphalt and aggregate before pouring new. We apply a tack coat, then asphalt mix, and then backfill to ensure proper bonding. The newly-poured area is, of course, compacted before the job is complete.

Most states have specific requirements where asphalt repair is concerned. Our goal is always to meet our client’s needs while staying well within legal boundaries. Give us a call if you’re in need of asphalt repair this winter. We understand that winter weather wreaks havoc on asphalt, and the weather has been exceptionally cold and nasty for the last few weeks. We can discuss quick fix options that will help protect your asphalt from further damage until we’re able to properly repair it when the weather gets nicer.