Over the years there are many companies that are going to jump into the fray of construction and the trades. The same is true for industries like asphalt and paving, and many times people find that the new comers aren’t quite as good as those that have been in business for some time. That’s the big thing that many are finding out across trades, and it’s a matter of expertise and equipment. For instance, you’re going to find we at RAPCO have been in business since 1961. We have been working with paving for longer than many other companies and the work we do shows expertise in a lot of different arenas.

The Latest Products

When you walk into your favorite store, you may not think about the ground you’re walking on. However, we do, and we make sure that every job done is only put down with the best raw materials. We do not work with anything that isn’t at the standards of the industry, so you can rest assured that everything you walk on or drive on is the absolute best. When repairing things, attention to details such as sealants meeting federal standards so that you know that performance is going to be on par with the best possible option. With attention to the latest products, you can rest assured that when you get repairs or new paving done, it will last and stand up against modern elements and normal wear and tear.

Repairs and Maintenance

One of the things that you should look into in order to get longevity from your parking lot, driveways and more is a plan of action to protect from cracks, breaks, and more. This is something that can be done through a new plan of action that is in place. Offering an annual maintenance plan for individuals that want to ensure that their asphalt is not breaking apart is important and will absolutely be worthwhile. Instead of having to call for spot fixes and repairs here and there, you could have the peace of mind of knowing that inspections will take place annually and repairs will be made as they need. This is going to extend the life of all paving a lot longer, and will definitely have benefits that come through with ease.

Quotes and Considerations

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of what a good asphalt company provides is in regards to the price. RACPO has worked with many companies and understands budget restraints. It’s for that reason that custom quotes can be given and even free parking evaluations to ensure that the budget you are working with is not going to be a factor. We can create customized quotes and work with all budgets, as we know what it’s like to have a small business and have to deal with constraints.

Focusing on fixing pavement is a passion that drives our fleet. We have all the latest equipment, and work with projects small and large. Focusing on repair, and keeping pathways smooth is our job and we take it seriously. If you want to ensure that your paved areas last a long time, then hiring someone to look after things is a good idea. However, expertise trumps everything. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands here, especially when things start to peel, crack, and break. Even the best paving job will become troublesome because of the natural elements that are in place. From heat, cold, and normal wear and tear, it’s imperative to look after the asphalt and concrete to ensure that small problems don’t become larger ones. Put your paving needs in good hands; ours. Call Rapco Asphalt Maintenance at 847-299-1830 for a consultation or quote on your asphalt project.