Asphalt1_200Everyone is talking about using sustainable materials to aid in making our building practices more environmentally friendly. I wanted to touch on how asphalt is helping in those efforts because so many people get upset when they see a new parking lot being poured. I agree that we need more environmentally friendly areas in the city, but I assure you that we are not damaging the environment in our parking lot building process.

Asphalt Contains Petrol Products

That is absolutely correct. Asphalt cement is made from carefully refined residue from the distillation process of some crude oils, this is true. But it is also 100% recyclable. When you see a road or a parking lot being torn up and replaced, it is being taken to a plant to be recycled and reused. We don’t take the used asphalt to a landfill. Which leads me to the next topic…

Asphalt in Landfills

Asphalt is an effective liner and cap for landfills because it prevents pollution from getting into water supplies and protects against disease from harmful materials. Discarded asphalt that does happen to make it into landfills has been tested and many states have determined that it is considered clean fill, unlike many other harmful substances that end up in landfills all the time.

A Multitude of Asphalt Plants

Yes, there are several asphalt plants. The reason behind this is because asphalt begins to harden as soon as it begins to cool. It must remain an even temperature until it is ready for use. It is for this particular reason that so many asphalt plants exist. On an even more positive note, each one of those plants create jobs which employ local workers.

Why Asphalt for Roads?

Asphalt is designed to be skid resistant. This makes it the perfect solution for roads, running tracks, basketball and tennis courts, race tracks, airport runways, and many other purposes. Asphalt is also resistant to de-icing salts and chemicals, so it does not break down the way other types of concrete do with the introduction of de-icing chemicals.

Asphalt Decreases Road Noise

Asphalt is available in a variety of compositions. The most commonly used asphalt for highways is one that helps reduce road noise. Many residential areas use this type as well, so traffic noise isn’t as annoying for homeowners.

Sustainable Asphalt

I’m sure you never really considered asphalt a sustainable, recyclable material, able to create jobs and prevent road noise. Asphalt production companies and those of us who use and work with asphalt on a daily basis are just as environmentally conscious as you. We’re always looking for ways to improve our product, just like other business owners.

Asphalt repair methods are ever-evolving and adapting to create more temporary and permanent solutions for asphalt repair. If you’re a business owner with failing asphalt, please call us for a free estimate on necessary repairs. We service the greater Chicago area and have a number of references we can provide on request. We are a full service asphalt repair and maintenance company, and we would love the opportunity to earn your business.