A parking lot should only be durable and well paved; it should also be clearly marked. This manages the flow of traffic and plays a role in the safety of persons using the area. This is something that property owners often choose to do on their own. Unfortunately, this means that occasionally a few mistakes may be made, and here are some of the most common ones.

  1. Failing to check state regulations first. You should never mark out your parking lot without first checking to see what regulations are in place. These cover points like the width of spaces and the number of handicapped spaces required. Painting without first getting this information will result in a costly and time consuming removal process. Pressure washing can removing the lines, but there is the risk of causing damage to the asphalt. You can use black paint to cover the lines, but this will take time, and may give the parking lot a messy appearance.
  2. Using the wrong paint. Water based paints can quickly fade from an asphalt surface, so you will need to repaint quickly and often. This can be inconvenient for heavily used parking lots. Oil based paints tend to become discolored when they come into contact with fresh asphalt surfaces. These paints work better on older parking lots. There are special traffic paints made for use on these types of surfaces. Do some research to make sure that you are buying a quality product.
  3. Using the wrong equipment.  Sometimes parking lot lines are poorly applied due to the use of the wrong equipment. These vary in scale, and the one used usually depends on the size of the paved area to be marked. For a small parking lot that needs occasional repainting, an aerosol striper should be enough. A paint roller can also be used for small jobs. High pressure machines in varying sizes are available for larger areas. You can also call in a professional to handle the painting job.

You can make your own stencils for marking sections of the lot, or you can get them from a supplier. Make sure that the stencils you choose are compliant with parking lot regulations in your area. If you carry out repairs to any painted section, make sure that you repaint quickly.